Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's Your Color?

I wasn't interested in accessorizing during my junior high and high school days. I got my ears pierced in 6th grade (the age that our parents allowed us to decide if we wanted to have it done) and I found necklaces annoying because they would just get in the way. I only seemed to be interested in putting pretty fabric flowers and bows in my hair.

Things have obviously changed. I still love to accessorize my hair (my collection of these has nearly tripled in the last year) and now I am wearing all kinds of jewelry. I enjoy purchasing jewelry that I didn't make. Now I appreciate it so much more.

Along with my new love for jewelry has come a big question. Gold or silver? There are numerous metals that I love (copper, bronze, gunmetal, rose gold...) but which one is ideal for me?

A few months ago one of my coworkers (I work at a preschool part time) asked me if I knew my colors. I automatically thought- of course I know them and why in the world would you hire me if I didnt? She noticed my confusion and cleared things up. She explained that in the early 80's (yes, a little before my time) there was a popular book that helped you find the colors that looked best on you. She explained that they grouped the colors by season, so you were a winter, summer, autumn, or spring. Apparently there were people who would tell you what your colors were.

I've only been able to "find" my colors through compliments that others make when I wear certain shades or hues, but I guess I never really know if they are complimenting the style, color, or both. I am so curious about what this book would tell me I should wear.

Alright, back to metals. It's true that some people look better in silver while others glow in gold. The general rule is that winter or summer people look best in silver while autumn and spring look best in gold. So which season are you?

There are tons of resources to help you find your color, but a simple two question quiz can help lead you in the right direction. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it seemed to work for me: Color Me Beautiful Quiz

The quiz (and multiple people) have suggested that I am a summer person. That would mean that I would fall into the silver category. I think that silver does look best on me, but that doesn't stop me from wearing gold from time to time.

For a more up to date version of the book, click on the photo below.

What's your color/season?

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  1. Crazy! I always thought of myself as a "Spring-ish" ... but I'm an Autumn (just, please - NO orange...)! And it actually makes sense. Thanks for posting!