Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creative Wrapping Ideas

Good Morning!

I just love that I get to wrap up orders and ship them all over. It's so much fun! Packaging is another way to show creativity and personality and I am always creating new ways to express myself.

I love creating handmade tags for each of my items. It's a great reason to emboss:

Just because someone orders something for themselves doesn't mean that it shouldn't look like a gift when they receive it.

The little details hopefully do not go unnoticed!

With the holidays right around the corner I found a few great ideas for wrapping...

Take a look at this lace tape. I need some. Now.

Click on the photo above to find out where to purchase the tape

FrenchRevelation has some adorable tags

What about adding a little monogrammed ornament to top off the gift? Said In Stone has some great little gift toppers

Red Marionette has some insanely cute little ornaments too. Be sure to check them out!

Plan ahead and have some fun with it! Happy wrapping.

If you haven't entered the Holiday Cheer Necklace giveaway yet, be sure to enter here.


  1. You're RIGHT! When I received my Pea Pod necklace (which I love, love, love) --- I totally noticed the nice wrapping!!! And it DID make me feel special!!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. I love fun wrapping! I'm going to make an extra effort this year. Way to go the extra mile with LR! :)