Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY Easy Tree Decoration

This idea was orginally going to be the centerpiece for my Thanksgiving table, but it got to be so big that it ended up being a beautiful decoration in the dining room. It's super easy and gorgeous...

Gather some branches from outside. I cut some off of a huge branch that was blown off a tree during a storm in our front yard. It has beautiful moss on it in various colors.

Use glass or real stones of whatever color you would like (I used river rocks and clear glass) to fill up a large vase (big enough to hold your branches). The trickiest part is arranging your branches. Try to make them look like a tree.

Now have fun with it and be creative. Try to decorate with things that you have on hand. I added a few copper glittered leaves (from my Christmas decorations).

I used raffia to hang glass tea lite holders from the branches (HINT: USE BATTERY OPERATED LIGHTS FOR SAFETY). These photos do not do the tree justice.

This holiday tree is going to be transformed into all that is Christmas after Thanksgiving is over.

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!!!

I am SOOOOO excited about being able to sit down with 50 people from my mom's side of the family and celebrating all that we are thankful for...and we get to do some blueberry picking with them on the ranch. It's going to be wonderful!

I am thankful for so much and I don't say it enough. My seriously amazing family, my most supportive and encouraging and level headed and wise (I could go on..) husband, my sincere and loving friends, and my crazy cute always happy to see me pup.

Thank you God for giving me so much!


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